Choose your own path. Often it takes patience to find the right way, but sometimes it takes immediate and swift action to seize an opportunity. Today's business environment requires flexibility. You need to track and implement innovative ideas and new ways of working to improve your competitive strength. We can help.

Tacstone Ventures is founded by Tacstone La Rive, an independent limited liability company. Our mission is to contribute to the success of entrepreneurs by bringing expertise, money, network and effective management to their business. Our business model is based on straightforward risk and profit-sharing with a fundament of professional support in the areas of strategy and concept design, business planning, project management, process design, finance operations and IT. Your success is our reward.

Tacstone is founded by partners who have all earned their credits in the international business. Their core asset is their experience and knowledge tied to a network of clients, partners and scholars.

All senior Tacstonians own part of Tacstone, which in our view is the best guarantee for the commitment and dedication that we promise our ventures and business partners. At the same time the Tacstone platform offers opportunity for successful careers.

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